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Weight Loss

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Are you frustrated by fad diets, trendy fitness routines, and yo-yo-ing numbers on the scale? If so, it’s time to talk to Ajaz Khan, MD, at Ayman Care Primary & Urgent Care about your weight loss goals. He and his dedicated team of weight loss specialists tailor a plan to you helping you reach — and maintain — a healthy weight. If you want expert support and medical guidance for your weight loss journey, call the Mesquite or North Richland Hills, Texas, office or book your appointment online.

Weight Loss

What’s the secret to weight loss success?

Many people wish there was a magic pill they could take or button they could push to achieve their body goals. They think the traditional route to weight loss — careful eating and regular exercise — are too difficult to help them reach their ideal weight. 

The truth is that there is no instant fix for excess weight. The best way to lose weight is to create a caloric deficiency in your body with a blend of mindful eating and regular exercise. 

Eating, in particular, is important. Even if you exercise for hours each day, if you’re eating an excess of calories, your body will have an excess of weight. 

Fortunately, this recipe for weight loss doesn’t involve you starving yourself or sweating for hours on end on a treadmill. Dr. Khan knows that if you hate your weight loss routine, you won’t stick with it. That’s why he tailors your weight loss program to you. 

What should I expect from a weight loss program?

All weight loss programs are different. What works for one individual and their specific body may not work for another person. 

Dr. Khan and the weight loss specialists at Ayman Care Primary & Urgent Care personalize their weight loss programs to their patients. Say, for example, that you hate running; they work with you to find an alternate form of cardiovascular activity that you actually enjoy. 

The benefit of an Ayman Care Primary & Urgent Care weight loss program is two-fold. First, you get a program tailored to your preferences. Secondly, you get medical supervision. 

This means you have Dr. Khan available as a health expert who can guide you, ensuring you’re not making any choices that are inadvertently sabotaging your weight loss goals. 

You receive weight loss support that doesn’t just help you look your best but also ensures your body is getting what it needs so you can feel your best, too. 

What makes this weight loss program different? 

On top of a personalized plan and medical support, Dr. Khan offers testosterone treatments to their weight loss patients. Increased levels of testosterone are linked to weight loss and help you maintain muscle mass even as your body sheds pounds.

To learn more about the Ayman Care Primary & Urgent Care weight loss program, call the office or schedule your appointment online.