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Pediatric Care

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There are most likely very few things in the world you value more than your child’s health. And that’s why finding a dedicated pediatric care provider is so important — and often so challenging. If you want to partner with a team dedicated to helping your child stay healthy, Ajaz Khan, MD, and his dedicated staff at Ayman Care Primary & Urgent Care are available to you. Call the welcoming, relaxed Mesquite or North Richland Hills, Texas, office or book your appointment online to get started.

Pediatric Care

How is pediatric care different from primary care?

Having a dedicated health care provider serves you in every season of life. As you age, your health needs change and regular screenings become increasingly important. 

In the same way your health concerns and goals shift from early adulthood to your senior years, a child’s health care needs constantly change, too. During infancy, routine exams ensure your son or daughter is growing healthily. Early immunizations prevent disease and support long-term health. 

As they get older, regular well visits and physicals ensure that children have the eating, sleeping, and exercise habits their bodies need to stay healthy. 

School physicals and immunizations remain important, not only to defend against disease but also to give your son or daughter access to the full range of academic and extracurricular activities. 

At every turn, Dr. Khan ensures your child gets the dedicated health care they need — and the records their school requires. 

How do I find the right pediatric care provider?

Finding the best pediatric care provider for your family comes down to a few things. Does your child like the doctor and feel comfortable in their office environment? As a parent, are you able to rest easy knowing your child is getting the thorough, personalized health care they deserve? 

Once you’ve answered these key questions, you have a few other logistical concerns to consider:

  • Is it easy to get an appointment with your pediatric care provider?
  • Are they available during medical emergencies?
  • Are their office hours convenient for you and your child’s schedule?
  • Is billing affordable and simple?

Dr. Khan strives to not just meet your needs but to exceed your expectations. He works to make it easy and comfortable for your son or daughter to get the best, most convenient health care. 

How do I help my child feel comfortable at the doctor?

Many children feel nervous about visiting the doctor. Dr. Khan works to dispel that anxiety at every turn. He has a warm bedside manner and his office is a warm and comfortable environment. 

At every turn, he and his friendly staff work to help kids feel relaxed. They’re dedicated to helping your son or daughter feel comfortable.

To get started with pediatric care at Ayman Care Primary & Urgent Care, call the office or schedule your visit online.